Your growth is our priority!

Isn’t it always a headache to get sponsored? Let us help you achieve your sponsorship targets. 

How we help businesses grow to their full extent?

You send us an amazing sponsorship proposal, Our expert panel reviews it.

We help you out making it even more amazing and credible with expert inputs

We send it out to our partner top industries (LAPS Members) and firms to review.

And that's it!
Tadaaa! Something magical happens!


A team of super-enthusiastic public relations executives, social media influencers,We’ll help you in promotions, branding and in every possible thing which can get you a sponsor!

Is there any fee?

When you submit your proposal, our team starts mining money for you. We also know that every event, every participant is different so we let you decide to structure a deal of your choice! 

For any queries feel free to reach out.