Experience Motoring like never before.

Who we are

Simply put, we’re an exclusive community of All Motoring Enthusiasts Across the Nation, Providing a meaningful social network (offline & online) to foster the growth of Indian Motoring in an unparalleled way.

What's this meetup all about?

Our Motoring United Meetups are a great way to network, learn and experience motoring like never before in the region. A Must Attend Gathering for All kinds of enthusiasts.

Is it Exciting?

Hell yeah! In it’s own manner, our meetups are curated to keep you busy all the time with mini-activities, quiz, learning sessions & much more! All with a limited number of entries for better, meaningful experience! 

Experience the Bond.

With our Motoring United Meetups, You’ll Experience the bond we share with each other, a meaningful community experience is guaranteed!

Our Meetups Explained.

Each and every Motoring United Meetup is curated specifically for a chapter as per the needs of regional community. With total 5 sub-event activities planned for each chapter, you’ll never run out of fun and excitement during the course of meetup. 

Message from the Founder & Team Leonis.

Fellow Motor-head! 

Heartiest welcome to  our meaningful community of Motoring Enthusiasts.

With an aim to unite the community and providing an experience to all motorists across the nation, our meetups aim to provide you a platform to network with your local motoring community, share your experiences and enjoy the essence of togetherness to cultivate overall growth and awareness among the community. We are undoubtedly eager to be a part of your motoring journey and hope to see you in the upcoming meetup. 

We request you to experience it once, we’re sure you’ll love it! 

If you still have any questions, please feel free to reach us out on +91-8619361115.

On behalf of all of us at Leonis Motocorp,

Anshuman Goswami (Founder & CEO)